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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Making the Most of Volunteer Times!

I don't know about you, but as a primary teacher I can't live without 
my parent volunteers!  They are the glue that holds it all 
together and helps to keep me, and our classroom, organized and running smoothly!
Plus, they save me a TON of time!

I thought I'd share a couple of ways I make the most of my volunteer times.

Organizing and planning ahead are key!
I have labeled tubs with various things that need doing all prepped and ready to go 
when my volunteers arrive.

On of my biggest headaches used to be keeping up with leveling books
for my classroom library, small groups and literature circles. 
                  I created this little 'kit' for my volunteers to level them for me.  

It has a book level color coding chart, colored dot stickers, sharpies 
and my name labels all at the ready.
I've written the web address of right on the leveling 
chart so volunteers can sit at one of our classroom computers, type in titles and 
find a book's reading level, quiz number and point value. 

 I have my volunteers write all the needed info 
 inside the front cover, add a colored dot and my name label on the front
 and it's ready to go!

I used to cringe at sticking labels on the covers of beautiful new books,
but my return rate is so much better for it!  Even when I had my name on the inside cover 
many of my books never found their way home!

My copy box sits right next to my desk.  I keep a little box of supplies inside 
with paperclips, sticky notes, a glue stick, scissors and white out.

I label things to be copied with directions on a sticky note and ask that the note be 
placed on the top copy so I know which day I need it and where to file it.
It's quick and easy, and when there are a million things I need to remember in a day 
my little system leaves nothing to chance...Ha!
This skip counting page is part of Jamie Rector's 
Common Core Quick Math Assessments.  I use it ALL.THE.TIME!

How do I schedule my volunteers?

Check out my post at Owl-ways Be Inspired to see how I schedule 
 my classroom volunteers and parent/teacher conferences.
Click on the button below to see a  little tutorial
on how I use a fantastic, free website called VolunteerSpot!
It's one of my biggest time savers!

I've linked this up with some fabulous bloggers over at 
Blog Hoppin' for their Time Savers linky!
Be sure to stop by each day Nov. 11-15 for 
more great ideas!


  1. This post was invaluable! Thank you!!

  2. Now, if you could find a way to get me some VOLUNTEERS! This post is on the money. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Our second grade team is so far from the copy room that we try not to go there unless we HAVE to go. Can you imagine our looks when we forget to bring scissors, paper clips, or that one original we needed copies of? Having a little station set up like this would be so helpful. I love the box with all the supplies in it! That would be a life saver! I'm glad I caught this post :)

  4. Linda-you've done it again! More fabulous ideas! I love the idea of using Volunteer Spot to sign up for conferences! Whoohoo! I haven't looked into it yet but it sounds similar to a Doodle Survey--which I have used for organizing volunteers for the theater group, also a great resource! I never thought to use it in the classroom! Thanks!